There are many ministry opportunities for adults at Mt. Carmel.


One of the largest and most active ministries is the United Methodist Women. This organization is involved with fundraising for missions, organizing social events, and hosting educational meetings. All women in the congregation are welcome to participate in this active ministry.

Sunday School

There is a wide variety of adult Sunday school opportunities at Mt. Carmel UMC. Adult Sunday school classes are offered at 9:45 on Sunday mornings. The classes choose their own curriculum- some read the latest authors and topics while others focus more on studying books of the bible.

Bible Study

We also have Bible study groups on Wednesday Nights that start at 5:00 pm. We offer light snacks, refreshments and fellowship from 5:30pm to 6pm, then start the studies at 6pm. We usually offer two different studies each Wednesday night. One group reads and discusses the books by various authors focused on topics that affect Christians in everyday life. The other group dives into a book of the Bible to take a closer look at its meanings and teachings.